ARIADNEplus organises workshops and seminars, both to inform partners within the project about specific developments and also for the wider community. The presentations and talks are recorded enabling access for all to the knowledge and information contained therein.

Preservation of Cultural Heritage Data: Challenges and opportunities during the life cycle of archaeological data
This workshop was organised at CHNT 2022, Vienna on Friday 11th November. The workshop consisted of 12 papers given by ARIADNEplus partners who each described their experiences and learning from contributing their data to the Catalogue.

Fairly Front-Loading the Archive: Moving Beyond Findable, Accessible and Interoperable to Reuse of Archaeological Data
A full session was organised by ARIADNEplus at EAA 2022 featuring 22 presentations and two posters from project partners, Associate Partners and guest speakers under the topic headings of Data creation and reuse, Interoperability, aggregation and reuse, Excavation data reuse case studies and Linked Open Data.

Semantic Modelling for Excavation Data
On 15 June 2022 the “Virtual Workshop on Semantic mapping of excavation data” took place. The event was organised as an open forum to illustrate and discuss semantic modelling and the use of CIDOC CRM, as well as the tools developed to assist researchers with mapping their excavation data.

ARA – ARIADNEplus for Archaeological Sites and Built Structures
The annual Symposium of the Association ARA – Architecture.Restoration.Archaeology, Romania, was held on 5th-7th May 2022 and included this session on what the project offers to researchers and heritage managers regarding standards of digital documentation and datasets for ARIADNE.

The Visual Media Service
The Visual Media Service (VMS) enables end users to view and explore  in detail large datasets for 3D objects, high resolution images, RTI and image sets,  processing and displaying these seamlessly and quickly and this hour long workshop demonstrates the latest features.

Data Management Tools for Archaeologists – How can the European ARIADNEplus Project help you?
The online DANS Data Trail Workshop took place on Tuesday, March 29, 15:30 – 17:00 CET and introduced online tools to assist archaeologists who want to (or are obliged to) make a Data Management Plan (DMP) developed by the project.

The Digital Laboratory: Management and Aggregation of Scientific Archaeological and Heritage Data.
This virtual workshop was held on the morning of 15th September 2020 and introduces a new CIDOC-CRM extension for heritage science, the CRMhs. Seven case studies explore how CRMhs may be used for different types of scientific data.

European web conference on 3D digital cultural heritage for resilience, recovery and sustainability.
This half-day web conference explores the value of 3D technologies in the context of COVID-19 for cultural heritage and related sectors such as tourism and creative industries.