Workshop Agenda

The presentations are available both as PDFs and as videos.

10.00 CET Welcome & Workshop agenda (Franco Niccolucci, PIN and Markos Katsianis, University of Patras).

PART A: Introduction and tools for semantic mapping

10.10 Semantic Data Modelling and Archaeological Research Data – Why, How and Where We are Now (George Bruseker, Ltd.). Presentation and video.
10.30 From modelling to mappings: how to appropriate the CIDOC CRM (Olivier Marlet, CNRS). Presentation and video.
11.00 The X3ML toolkit: How to map excavation data to CIDOC CRM (Maria Theodoridou & Vangelis Kritsotakis, FORTH). Presentation and video.
11.20 An approach to model archaeological data and create RDF from spreadsheets (Gerald Hiebel, University of Innsbruck). Presentation and video.
11.40-12.00 Discussion 20’’

PART B: Case studies in excavation data semantic mapping

12.30 OpenArchaeo: a semantic Web platform for archaeological data (Florian Hivert, CNRS). Presentation and video.
12.50 Modelling Archaeological Excavations. Theoretical Patterns and Practical Recipes (Denitsa Nenova, Ltd.). Presentation and video.
13.10 Reworking aged excavation mappings with new models and tools (Markos Katsianis & Giorgos Styliaras, University of Patras). Presentation and video.
13.40 597 Norwegian excavation databases and CIDOC CRM – a practical exercise (Christian-Emil Smith Ore, University of Oslo). Presentation and video.
14.00 Archaeological Interactive Report: a trait d’union between data management and semantic publication (Paola Derudas, Lund University and Federico Nurra, INHA). Presentation and video.

PART C: Discussion

14.30 Discussion, wrap-up & next steps for the Excavation Modelling Group.
Download the full report of the Workshop.