Kick-off meeting in Prato

ARIADNEplus is a research infrastructure funded by the European Commission’s H2020 programme. We are also a network of institutions and individuals with an interest in archaeological research datasets and we invite others to join this network.

Becoming an associated partner

Institutions wishing to take an active role in supporting the project activities, for example by making available datasets to the infrastructure, can become an associated partner by exchanging a formal collaboration agreement with PIN on behalf of the ARIADNEplus network.

Please contact us for more information about cooperation agreements.

Becoming an associated project

Projects or initiatives who are active in the field of archaeological research datasets and wish to collaborate with ARIADNE, for example by exchanging news or by collaborating in training or other events, without exchanging a formal collaboration agreement can become associated projects. We will include links to your project website on the associated projects page in the community section of the ARIADNEplus website.

Please contact us for more information about becoming an associated project.


Individual experts are welcome to attend ARIADNE events, workshops and training workshops. We will advertise details of forthcoming events through the @ARIADNEplus twitter feed.

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