The role of the selection panel is to assist ARIADNEplus in selecting users for transnational access to services provided by PIN, ADS-UoY and CNR. The members of the panel are international experts in archaeological research data and includes experts who are independent of the ARIADNE infrastructure. The Selection Panel is normally convened bi-annually to review applications for transnational access in the coming period. The Project Coordinator chairs the Selection Panel.

Members of the selection panel

  • Franco Niccolucci, PIN, Project Coordinator, Italy
  • Julian Richards, ADS, Deputy Project Coordinator, UK
  • Achille Felicetti, PIN, Italy
  • Carlo Meghini, CNR, Italy
  • Milica Tapavički-Ilić, Institute of Archaeology, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Ivana Pandzic, University of Banja Luka, Bosnia Herzegovina
  • David Bibby, Heritage Office, Stuttgart, Germany

Responsibilities of the selection panel

  • Assessing proposals for transnational access received in response to open calls based on the selection criteria (see below)
  • Applying the principles of transparency, fairness and impartiality to the selection process
  • Recommending a short-list of users who should benefit from access
  • Recommending a short-list of users for a TNA scholarship from the project

Selection criteria

  • Quality of the applicant
  • Scientific merit of the case study or individual research project proposed by the applicant
  • Potential to benefit from the training on offer

In the event of equal scoring, weighting will be given to users who have not previously used the ARIADNE infrastructure, to young researchers and to those working in countries where no research infrastructure is available. The selection panel shall also pay regard to issues of gender equality.