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The ARIADNEplus project is the extension of the previous ARIADNE Integrating Activity, which successfully integrated archaeological data infrastructures in Europe, indexing in its registry about 2.000.000 datasets. ARIADNEplus will build on the ARIADNE results, extending and supporting the research community that the previous project created and further developing the relationships with key stakeholders such as the most important European archaeological associations, researchers, heritage professionals, national heritage agencies and so on.

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  • inDICEs project - Regime 3.
  • Europeana
  • British Library Jigsaw challenge March 2020

DH in the time of Virus

ARIADNEplus was invited to make a presentation for the "DH in the time of Virus" Twitter Conference which took place on Thursday the 2nd April. This novel event was organised by APOLLONIS, the Greek Infrastructure for Digital Arts, Humanities and Language Research and Innovation and hosted by Agiatis Bernardou and Maria Ilvanidou from the Digital Curation Unit, ATHENA R.C. Attendees [...]

  • PAN Project FAIR Data
  • Scholary orphans
  • Preferred formats for FAIR data

ARIADNEplus/SEADDA meetings on FAIR Data Management

The DANS team originally organized a three-day event for mid-March that combined a series of presentations on important best practice issues for FAIR Data Management, with a site visit at the National Museum of Antiquities and the Bibliotheca Thysiana (in Leiden), as well as workshops on ‘FAIR data management’ and ‘Trust Concepts and Standards’. The event was envisioned as a [...]

  • Mia & Achille discuss CIDOC CRM

First TNA visit completed at PIN: CIDOC CRM for graffiti!

During January, a young scientific researcher, Mia Trentin, from the Cyprus Institute (STARC) attended PIN in Prato, Italy for a week in order to learn to use CIDOC CRM as a specific descriptive metadata model for graffiti. Mia’s area of study is Medieval and modern graffiti which is a sub-field of epigraphy. The study of graffiti is a relatively young [...]

ARIADNEplus WP3 workshops on FAIR Data Management and Trust Concepts and Standards

Dear WP3 members, as you will be well aware, international travel and even holding national meetings is becoming increasingly difficult in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. We therefore have to accept that a face-to-face meeting has become untenable. For this reason the meeting will be cancelled and we will offer an alternative online program, which will take place entirely [...]


DH2020 will take place in Ottawa, Canada from the 20th-25th July. The theme of the 2020 conference is “Carrefours/Intersections,” a place where roads or streets meet. Proposals are specifically invited that relate to the sub-disciplinary conference interests: First Nations, Native American, and Indigenous Studies; public digital humanities; and the open data movement. Conference website

EAA 2020

The 26th Annual EAA meeting will take place in Budapest, Hungary from the 26th-30th August 2020. The theme of this year's conference is 'Networking'. ARIADNEplus and SEADDA (Saving European Archaeology from the Digital Dark Age) invite papers for submission to Session 350: Sustainability, unsustainability and opportunity for archaeological data at EAA in Budapest (26th-30th August 2020). The deadline for submissions [...]