About ARIADNEplus

The ARIADNEplus project is the extension of the previous ARIADNE Integrating Activity, which successfully integrated archaeological data infrastructures in Europe, indexing in its registry about 2.000.000 datasets. ARIADNEplus will build on the ARIADNE results, extending and supporting the research community that the previous project created and further developing the relationships with key stakeholders such as the most important European archaeological associations, researchers, heritage professionals, national heritage agencies and so on.

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News and Events

ARIADNEplus Kick-off meeting

11-14 February 2019  Piazza Giovanni Ciardi, 25, 59100 Prato (PO) The ARIADNEplus kick-off event is fast approaching and here are some useful information to get ready for the meeting, beginning with the final agenda. The kick-off meeting will start in the afternoon of Monday 11 February with a plenary session that includes an overall presentation of the four [...]

ARIADNEplus Launches

Following the success of the original project, follow-up ARIADNEplus will extend both the scope of the online Portal and its geographical and temporal reach. The original ARIADNE Portal integrated about 2 millions data records and built up an extensive community of archaeological institutions involving around 11,000 participants across Europe and beyond. ARIADNEplus will focus on: expanding the geographical coverage of [...]

PIN – The University of Florence in Prato

PIN is a consortium company with a majority non-profit public participation. It was established as an association in 1992 and on 3rd June 1999 it became a limited liability consortium company (S.c.r.l.). PIN supports itself financially through contributions, agreements with partners and external bodies, and the implementation of research and training projects. In the elaboration of these conventions, the [...]

City of Prato

Prato (Italian pronunciation: [ˈpraːto] ) is a city and comune in Tuscany, Italy, the capital of the Province of Prato. The city is at the foot of Monte Retaia, elevation 768 metres (2,520 ft), the last peak in the Calvana chain. The lowest elevation in the comune is 32 metres (105 ft), near the Cascine di Tavola, and the [...]