The full report of the recent 2nd VRE Workshop has been published which focussed on the sub-domains of Ancient DNA (aDNA) and Environmental Archaeology. Starting with aDNA, Eugenia Tabakaki from IMBB-FORTH highlighted the many uses and also issues faced by aDNA researchers followed by Maria Theoridorou, also from FORTH, who presented the aDNA Application Profile being used by the project. In the second part of the workshop, Philip Buckland talked about  Environmental Reconstruction and how SEAD, the Swedish Environmental Archaeology Database is used for this. The final presentation was Rachel Opitz (University of Glasgow) on dataARC, a community backed Research Infrastructure focussed on understanding the interactions between North Atlantic environments and which has been funded by the National Science Foundation (USA).  The dataARC approach may solve some of the day-to-day issues faced by researchers across the board.