The first workshop on the use cases of Virtual Research Environments (VREs) in D4Science (the platform on which the ARIADNE Portal runs) was held on Thursday, 28th of January 2021. It was well attended with 52 participants joining the Zoom call. Two specific topics were covered – geospatial/GIS and mortuary archaeology data and research where the sub-group leaders, David Novák and Edeltraud Aspöck respectively, presented their analyses regarding suitability of data and required services for their specific domains. This was followed by an introduction the THANADOS project which creating digital data from ‘analogue’ catalogues of cemeteries and graves in central Europe and then the last part of the Workshop illustrated how VREs can be used through two success stories – the Alien and Invasive Species VRE and the Protected Areas Impact Maps VRE. A full description of the workshop and the ensuing discussion can be read here.