This section provides access to training materials resulting from the ARIADNEplus TNA (2020-2022) considered to be of use to the wider archaeological community and prospective TNA candidates. In addition, links to other useful sources of relevant training are also provided here.

PARTHENOS Training Suite

The PARTHENOS Training Suite contains a number of modules, many which are relevant to early stage researchers. These include what  Research Infrastructures are, emerging trends and best practice in data management, quality assessment and IPR issues, a novice’s guide to formal ontologies and developing research questions in the Digital Humanities (DH), especially on finding, working with, and contributing data to digital collections and using digital Research Infrastructures (RIs). In addition, there is a series of Webinars that also cover related topics.

ARIADNE Legacy Training Materials

Series of presentations covering topics relating to effective data management, data sharing and interoperability, alongside an introduction to some of the services made available to researchers through the original ARIADNE project (2012-2015).