The ARIADNEplus Final Event will be held in Florence on the 15th December and will be opened by Dr. Eugenio Giani, the President of Regione Toscana followed by Dr. Daniela Toccafondi, the President of PIN.

The Project Directors will then present the achievements of ARIADNEplus and its impact on the wider archaeological community as follows:

  • Working Together: Opportunities and challenges in using the ARIADNE portal for archaeological research – Julian Richards (UoY-ADS)
  • Getting the archaeologist out of the IT labyrinth – Carlo Meghini (CNR)
  • Innovations and impact of ARIADNE, and the next horizon – Guntram Geser (SRFG)

The event will conclude with Franco Niccolucci (PIN), Project Co-ordinator, whose presentation “ARIADNE forever: the way forward” will inform the audience on the project plans for the future.

Business meetings will take place on Friday 16th December at PIN.

A full report on the proceedings will be made available after the event.