The ARIADNE Portal, originally developed in the first ARIADNE project, is being expanded to include a much wider range of archaeological data in terms of geography, time period and subject matter in the follow-up ARIADNEplus project. The new Portal search facilities enable this much enhanced function to be used as a stand-alone analysis tool. New features include improved filters (e.g. time range, resource type, Getty AAT subjects, keyword, contributor, original subject and dating) which can be applied to the results from both the Map and Timeline plus six different layer types (OSM, Open Topology and four Google ones) for the Map option. To date, the bulk of data has come from the UK (1.4m records via ADS) with other contributions (mainly the Netherlands and Hungary) being added in phases to allow necessary adjustments as new mappings are introduced. For this reason, we are asking the UK archaeology community to take a first look and send us your feedback. See

Future developments over the next two years will include multilinguality (i.e. one term will search across many languages), provision of more services and the ability to access all the Portal offers within integrated Virtual Research Environment – and lots more data! The “What” search will also be upgraded, this is currently being discussed. We will notify the various sub-communities as relevant data and services become available for them but we’re happy to hear from anyone who wants to use the Portal and we will also publicise our pilots which cover the many different aspects on offer.