The 2020 EAA Conference, originally planned for Budapest, was held virtually thanks to the enthusiasm and support of EAA members who relocated online enabling the majority of planned sessions and speakers to go ahead. ARIADNEplus, along with SEADDA, held a joint workshop (session #350) where speakers were invited to discuss the sustainability of archaeological data, provide exemplars of open data and data re-use, and present technologies and initiatives that promote interoperability and persistent resources. As well, papers were invited to address the challenges associated with the sustainability of archaeological data and to promote a better understanding of to work together as a community to address them.

In total, 8 papers were presented as follows – each title URL will display the paper abstract in the EAA Virtual Repository which can also be downloaded. The full papers were not yet available at the date of publication (21/09/2020) but will be later.

Digging Digital in Ephesos – Chances and Challenges of a long-term Project
Saving data in the Czech Republic? Where we are and what to expect
Sustainable archaeological data in Norway
Digital Archaeological Data in the Wild West: The Challenge of Practicing Responsible Digital Data Archiving and Access in North America
Challenges of making collections accessible. The CENIEH collections’ system
Best Practice in Fieldwalking Documentation: formation of an EAA Community
And every FAIR from FAIR sometime declines? Tracking the rise of paradata to increase data sustainability
Red pill or blue pill? Using the Matrix to investigate the future sustainability of archaeological data.