The second ARIADNEplus Aggregation Workshop (subtask 4.4.0) was held at the grand Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa from 23-24th September. This was aimed at the partners who had not been able to attend the previous workshop in May.  It started with introductory presentations in the morning and followed the same format as the previous meeting. After a welcome from Carlo Meghini and Vittore Casarosa, who kindly organised and hosted the event, Julian Richards provided an overview of the aims and scope of the workshop. Partners’ data from the three different categories of site and monument data will be analysed to create workflows for integration into the ARIADNE infrastructure. Achille Felicetti introduced the new ARIADNEplus Ontology (AO), a consolidation of the ARIADNE Catalogue Data Model (ACDM). After coffee break Alessia Bardi described the aggregation pipeline and Maria Theodoridou introduced the 3M tool for mapping the data to the CIDOC CRM. Ceri Binding talked about the vocabulary mapping to the Getty Arts and Architecture Thesaurus and their new mapping tool.

In the afternoon and the next day, the thirteen partners’ presentation of sites and monuments records, databases about archaeological events e.g. databases of excavations, fieldwork reports or grey literature followed. Frequently discussed questions were, for example, to what level of granularity data will be integrated in the infrastructure. Where does the metadata end and the data begin? The first day way was successfully brought to an end with a tour of the monuments of Pisa and an apericena. By the end of the workshop, the partners had a much better understanding of the workflow and data models, enabling them to better plan and progress with their metadata preparation for the ARIADNE Portal.