4CH, the European project in charge of setting up a European Competence Centre on the Conservation of Cultural Heritage, reacted rapidly to events in Ukraine and, and with the strong support of the European Commission, started an action to save the digital documentation of Ukrainian cultural heritage. Such digital documentation – consisting of digital texts, images, drawings, and 3D models – would be extremely useful to restore and, if necessary, reconstruct damaged cultural property and in any case to preserve and transmit to future generations the Ukrainian culture and history. The “Save the Ukraine Monuments” (SUM) has set up  a network of direct personal contacts among members of EU heritage institutions and Ukrainian colleagues.  INFN (Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics), the 4CH coordinating institution, set up the necessary storage system, paralleled by a similar one in Poland at the Poznan Supercomputing Center and  the University of Luxembourg. By the 3rd of March data transfers had started with the aid of an international task force set up by 4CH and participating organisations in Ukraine. Read more