The Initial Report on the Project Impact (D6.2) at M30 was submitted at the end of July. Eleven areas of project activities, stated or implied by the expressed expectations of the RI Programme, were analysed and reported upon:

  • Extension of the stakeholder community
  • Supporting the FAIR data agenda in archaeology
  • Standardisation of archaeological datasets
  • Access to integrated knowledge-based resources
  • New services and virtual research environments (VREs)
  • Research infrastructures coordination
  • Cross-disciplinary fertilisation and sharing of resources
  • Innovation and partnership with industry
  • Use of services beyond research
  • TNA, training activities and materials
  • Dissemination and communication.

TNA, dissemination and communication have been most disadvantaged by the lack of in-person training and events but overall, the archaeological research community has adapted well to working under COVID restrictions and ARIADNE continues to grow the stakeholder community and achieve the project objectives with regard to the archaeological data infrastructure.