In an exciting development for Greek archaeology, a large dataset consisting of 3,159 C14 dates from 353 sites in Greece has just been published and is available for downloading at: This dataset was compiled by the INSTAP-funded project “An Aegean Prehistory Written in Radiocarbon Dates” and ranges from the Palaeolithic era to the recent past. This is the largest collection of radiocarbon data from Greece to date which was compiled and cross-checked from all published radiocarbon dates. These sources consisted of  existing databases, original publications and preliminary reports using both international and Greek sources (376  in total) and came from both  archaeological and environmental sampling.

The dataset will also be made available in the ARIADNE Portal and some of the data homogenization was performed as part of the ARIADNEplus project in order to enable its inclusion. The sites have been identified and positioned as accurately as possible, while additional information on sampling procedures, sample material and stratigraphic context have been recorded.

A full description of the dataset, the methods used to create it and its content is available in the following article which includes a map (as shown above) of all the C14 site locations:

Katsianis M, Bevan A, Styliaras, G and Maniatis, Y, 2020 An Aegean History and Archaeology Written through Radiocarbon Dates. Journal of Open Archaeology Data 8: 5.