The Innovation Strategy and Targeted activities report presents the ARIADNEplus innovation strategy,  addressing its different dimensions and how each of these will approached.

The main dimensions of the strategy are:

  • Research policies: Alignment with the European research policies on FAIR data, Open Science practices, and the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) initiative.
  • Data integration: Increase of the ARIADNE data pool through incorporation of datasets from more archaeological research domains.
  • Data infrastructure: Implementation and operation of a Cloud-based platform for data aggregation, integration, discovery, access and use across across institutional and national, as well as disciplinary boundaries.
  • Service portfolio: Provision of enhanced and new services for digital archaeology on the Cloud-based platform.
  • Stakeholder and user base: Extension of the stakeholder and user base in Europe and beyond, taking account of user needs regarding data, technical services and training.

The report concludes with the methodology that is being used to evaluate the impact of ARIADNEplus on the wider archaeological community. Download the report (PDF 1.4 MB).