Cave of Altamira and Paleolithic Cave Art of Northern Spain – Yvon Fruneau CC-BY-SA

The ROCEEH and Senckenberg Conference “Human Origins—Digital Future” will present and discuss integrative aspects and approaches to the development, use, and future securing of large scientific databases, especially within the context of anthropological research. The primary research question asks: How can we use databases with their innovative information technology to gain new knowledge by retrieving and extracting archaeological, paleoanthropological, paleobiological, and paleogeographic information?

With this online conference, we will address core issues of digitalization, including possibilities and problems of large, interdisciplinary databases. Although digital tools are widely applied in scientific projects, questions of linkage, targeted expansion, evaluation, and sustainable safeguarding of databases remain unresolved. We will also address new approaches including innovative methods of data mining and machine learning as well as deep learning and artificial intelligence.

The conference will take place from Mon. July 27 to Fri. July 31 at 2-4 pm CEST each day via Zoom.

Download conference information leaflet.