ARIADNEplus was invited to make a presentation for the “DH in the time of Virus” Twitter Conference which took place on Thursday the 2nd April. This novel event was organised by APOLLONIS, the Greek Infrastructure for Digital Arts, Humanities and Language Research and Innovation and hosted by Agiatis Bernardou and Maria Ilvanidou from the Digital Curation Unit, ATHENA R.C. Attendees were invited to attend by following the hashtag #DHgoesVIRAL. In practice, it was possible to find and follow most of the presentations, especially after the Digital Humanities Incubator at the University of East Anglia (UEADHi) stepped in and helped to ‘thread’ some of the later presentations together, a good example of DH in action! Overall, this experimental format was very well received with #DHgoesVIRAL ranking 5th on Twitter trending in Greece at 5pm.

The topics were varied and often thought-provoking – Lorna Richardson analysed the true environmental impact of digital technology, Pelagios and ARIADNEplus focussed upon archaeological research and data aspects, Melissa Terras looks at how the GLAMS sector have adapted and reached out to their audiences, Katerina Gardikas provided a medical historian’s perspective on the current COVID-19 epidemic, Sara di Giorgio shared some new initiatives resulting from the Italian Cultural Ministry resulting from the lockdown, DARIAH discusses the role of RIs in the current climate, #dariahTEACH demonstrates the importance not of just of online learning, but all the related issues such as preparation of materials and appropriate teaching methods and Europeana Research illustrates how the latest version of their Collections can be used for Humanities research along with some useful tools. Sofia Papastamkou highlights the importance of DH techniques for analysing the current crisis, George Mikros provides a fascinating linguistic study of COVID-19 related tweets, whilst last but definitely not least, Quinn Dombrowski from Stanford reminds us that we should have fun (as well as being serious) with our DH projects – check out the Data Sitters Club at

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