Organizer: Archaeology Data Service, University of York, UK.
Venue: Online
Date: Every Wednesday from 4th May to 1st June 2022

Description of the TNA offered

The goal of this Summer School, which is being run over five consecutive Wednesdays, is to introduce participants to current data management best practices for archaeological data and to help them apply these to their own situations.

The training will be delivered online.


The course will start with an overview, progressing to the use of standard tools such as controlled vocabularies and thesauri, metadata and data management. Topics such as digital preservation and workflows are illustrated with case studies and the FAIR and CARE principles are explored before a final review and recap at week 5.


Week One

  • Outline of the Course
  • Introduction to the ADS History and Services
  • Attendee presentations
  • Setting Trainee Personal Objectives
  • Where to start. Knowing Your Data
  • Organising Your Data
  • Module 1 reading list

Week Two

  • Introduction to the ADS Guides to Good Practice
  • Introduction to Thesauri and Standardised Vocabulary
  • The importance of Metadata – Discovery and Preservation
  • Selection and Retention Strategies
  • Introduction to Data Management Planning
  • Module 2 reading list

Week three

  • Introduction to Digital Preservation
  • Migration and Normalisation of Files
  • Workflows for Archives
  • Tour of ADS archiving workflow
  • DPC COPTR tools

Week four

  • Case study: Online Deposition Systems and Data Ingest
  • Quality Assurance
  • Case study: Monitoring data and data integrity
  • Case study: Where is our Data: Reaching for the clouds
  • Recap of Previous Modules

Week five

  • Introduction to the FAIR and CARE principles
  • Looking to the Future
  • Reviewing Trainee Personal Objectives

Familiarity with archaeological data and/or the archaeological data needs and structures of your own project or organisation.

How to apply for a place on this Summer School.