The Greek Chapter of the Computer Applications & Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA-GR) in collaboration with ARIADNEplus,  SEADDA (Saving European Archaeology from the Digital Dark Age) and the CARARE association (Connecting Archaeology and Architecture in Europe), cordially invites you to attend an online roundtable session on Open Archaeological content curation and stewardship.

The event builds on the outcomes of last year’s CAA-GR October sessions on the Current Status and the Future of Digital Archaeology in the Eastern Mediterranean. A recurring theme that emerged during these discussions has been the overall management of digital archaeological content.

The online roundtable session will extent this discussion, addressing issues related to the accessibility of digital archaeological content, and the effort required by heritage professionals and researchers to manage, structure, secure over the long term so as to make heritage digital assets available to the wider community at both local and international levels.


The CAA-GR 2021 online sessions (Spring edition) event will use the GoToMeeting technology. The links for the sessions will be provided to registered participants only.
Registration is required and it is free.
Registration is now open. Please use this form to register to the event and become a member of CAA-GR with no obligation on your behalf.

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