The recent Digital Infrastructures and New (and Evolving) Technologies in Archaeology roundtable was organised by ARIADNEplus at the CAA 2021 Digital Crossroads virtual conference. This session focussed on issues of technologies already in use by research infrastructures and requirements and potential benefits of introducing new technologies, such as Linked Data, NLP, Image Recognition and other data processing applications. The roundtable attracted an audience of 49 participants despite some logistical and technical challenges faced by the Chairs, Holly Wright (ADS) and Doug Tudhope (USW). One of these challenges was that the audience could not actively participate and ask questions but there were live discussions between the panellists about each of the presentations which helped make up for this.

The roundtable presenters was:

  1. Doug Tudhope, University of South Wales. View on SlideShare.
  2. Xavier Rodier, University of Tours, Olivier Marlet, University of Tours. View on SlideShare.
  3. Espen Uleberg, Mieko Matsumoto, Jakob Kile-Vesik, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo, Christian-Emil Ore, Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies. View on SlideShare.
  4. Valentijn Gilissen, DANS: Netherlands Institute for Permanent Access to Digital Research Resources. View on SlideShare.
  5. Erik Champion, Curtin University. View on SlideShare.

ARIADNEplus partners were also active in some of the other sessions – Doug Tudhope and Kate Fernie were both involved in the Paradata Round table, S1. Paradata to the people! Documenting documentation and more, where references were made to the project.