Dear WP3 members,

On behalf of DANS, we kindly invite you to participate in a three-day event that we will host in The Hague from 16-18 March. The event combines a series of presentations on important best practice issues, with a site visit at the National Museum of Antiquities and the Bibliotheca Thysiana (in Leiden), and two workshops.

The workshop on FAIR data management is tailored to data supporters in the broadest sense and departs from the lifecycle of scientific research data. This session centres around data management planning, with a particular focus on Data Management Plan templates for archaeologists.

The workshop on Trust Concepts and Standards focuses on the why and how of repositories achieving certification. We will be showing the practice of existing repositories, explaining the process of Core Trust Seal certification, and we’ll use the workshop to share experiences among the partner institutions present.

The event is a combined ARIADNE+ and SEADDA meeting, which will give you the opportunity to exchange across both networks.

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