The ARIADNEplus kick-off event is fast approaching and here are some useful information to get ready for the meeting, beginning with the final agenda.

The kick-off meeting will start in the afternoon of Monday 11 February with a plenary session that includes an overall presentation of the four strands of activities by the four Directors. A guest speaker from the EOSC-hub Stakeholder engagement team will present the engagement channels and interfaces that EOSC offers to the research communities. A brief session on finance and management will close the session before moving to the Networking Cocktail that will wait for us at the entrance of PIN.

In the following days there will be plenary sessions in which the various WP leaders will present the activities concerning the various working groups.
A break-down session is planned in the afternoon of February 12 when we will be divided into smaller working groups, reflecting the division of the task 4.4 subgroups. The partners will present their datasets and together with the sub-group leader a workplan for the future activities will be defined. A table with a suggestion on which groups each partner should attend is attached, together with the items the techies would like you to bring with you for the hands on session.

The workshop on the synergies between the SEADDA Cost Action and ARIADNEplus will close the ARIADNEplus-related events.
For the archaeological partners willing to contribute to the discussion on what is happening at present and what needs to happen in the future, the PARTHENOS workshop (running from 17:00 to 18:30) will be the right place.

At the end of the PARTHENOS workshop we will toast to the conclusion of the meetings with prosecco and savories.

Some practical information:

From Monday, 11 February, the new tram line no. 2 from the Florence airport to downtown (railway station) will be operational. The trip on the new line is free of charge for the whole week. However, it is likely that the service will start at noon on the first day, due to the formal inauguration. This line is connected to the other one and to all buses.

The best way to reach PIN from Florence is by train (the Prato-Pistoia-Lucca-Viareggio line). Most hotels in the city center are at a short walking distance from the Santa Maria Novella train station and there are about 3 trains per hour during the busier hours of the day (6-10 am; 4-9 pm). The trip takes about 25-30 minutes.

As the morning activities will start at 9:30, we suggest that you take the train departing from Firenze S. Maria Novella station at 8:47 with arrival in Prato Porta al Serraglio at 9:20. If you miss this train, the next one will leave at 9:10 and arrives in Prato PS at 9:33.
For those staying in Pistoia, the best train is the one leaving from Pistoia at 9:12 which arrives in Prato Porta al Serraglio at 9:22.