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The PARTHENOS Research Infrastructure kicked off in Florence at the start of July. ARIADNE is a key partner, representing the archaeology domain as one of the many digital humanities research infrastructures involved in this new initiative. Other key partners include CLARIN, DARIAH, CENDARI, IPERION-CH and EHRI-2, all whom will be collaborating on identifying common user requirements, standards and good practices across the different domains and building an overarching infrastructure to serve the needs of researchers working across the disciplines. 

Franco Niccolucci opens the Kick-off meeting

Franco Niccolucci opens the Kick-off meeting

PARTHENOS is a new project which began on the 1st May and runs for four years. It's aim is to build on existing research infrastructures to enable access for cross-disciplinary research in the humanities. This will be by providing tools and services, many similar to those being developed in ARIADNE, that allow researchers to search and access a wide range of databases and repositories through virtual research environments.  ARIADNE is represented by PIN who are co-ordinators of both projects. Also represented in PARTHENOS are linguistics by CLARIN, medieval studies by SISMEL, digital humanities through DARIAH (represented by several members within PARTHENOS), European Holocaust studies through EHRI, history by CENDARI and heritage science by IPERION-CH. 

ARIADNE was presented at the Kick-off meeting by Paola Ronzino who explained what the objectives were, what was offered to end users and the achievements to date. CIDOC-CRM, which underpins the metadata model and the interoperability framework will perform the same role in PARTHENOS since this had many extensions covering many cultural heritage domains. Other features to be developed in PARTHENOS which will benefit ARIADNE users are federated user identity (i.e. one login enables access to many services, eliminating multiple registration and passwords), closer co-operation with other research infrastructures and the opportunity to further develop and refine the ARIADNE infrastructure based on the experience gained from participating in a wider ranging initiative.

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