The DARIAH-EU Web Survey on digital practices in the arts and humanities will remain open until 31st January 2015.
The Web Survey has already gathered over 1,500 responses across Europe, but the organisers would like to gather as many responses as possible.  The more responses the more informative the insights to digital practices in the arts and humanities!
On behalf of DARIAH-EU VCC2 on Research and Education and the Digital Curation Unit, "ATHENA" R.C

The Web Survey is available in 9 languages and does not take more than 12 minutes to complete:
English: http://surveys.dcu.gr/index.php/196761/lang-en
French: http://surveys.dcu.gr/index.php/196761/lang-fr
German: http://surveys.dcu.gr/index.php/934532/lang-de
Greek: http://surveys.dcu.gr/index.php/383412/lang-el
Lithuanian: http://surveys.dcu.gr/index.php/585513/lang-lt
Serbian (Cyrillic): http://surveys.dcu.gr/index.php/293997/lang-sr
Serbian (Latin): http://surveys.dcu.gr/index.php/293997/lang-sr-Latn
Slovenian: http://surveys.dcu.gr/index.php/549847/lang-sl
Spanish: http://surveys.dcu.gr/index.php/982397/lang-es
Agiatis Benardou, on on behalf of the VCC2 WG2 - Understanding and expanding scholarly practice, Costis Dallas (University of Toronto and Digital Curation Unit, ATHENA R.C.), and Manfred Thaller (University of Cologne)

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