ArcheoLandscapes welcomes ARIADNE as associated partner

ArchaeoLandscapes Europe (ArcLand), a large European networking project, welcomes ARIADNE as an associated partner with a view to future collaboration on conferences and networking events.

ArchaeoLandscapes Europe (ArcLand) is a large European networking project, funded by the EU within the framework of the Culture 2007-2013 programme, currently consisting of 68 partner institutions from all over Europe and from Australia and the US.

The network is dealing with existing imbalances in the use and the expertise of modern archaeological surveying techniques, including aerial archaeology, geophysics, satellite imagery, LiDAR and so on. Information about ArcLand is available on the project website at

Being an associated partner of ArcLand means that ARIADNE will be fully involved in all ArcLand project activities and can participate in all meetings and other events, bring in their own expertise, benefit from the knowledge and experience of other partners and contribute to the project's networking activities as well as use ArcLand’s already existing large scale network.

ARIADNE is looking forward to a fruitful and intense collaboration on conferences, sessions, plenary and WP meetings or alongside any other events.

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