ARIADNE at the AIAC Congress in Merida

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ARIADNE was presented at the AIAC May congress in Merida, Spain.

A record number of people (800+) attended the May congress of the International Association for Classical Archaeology (AIAC).  Opened by Queen Sofia, the quinquennial event brought together large numbers of Classical Archaeologists though, perhaps because of the venue location,  disappointingly few from the Eastern Mediterranean and Northern Europe.  There were a number of interesting sessions, particularly, for ARIADNE members' purposes, the session on "New Technologies, Analytical Methods and Dissemination  Techniques", where the keynote speaker was Professor Simon Keay of Southampton University. In this session there were several papers on 3D modeling and the use of laser scanners in archaeological recording.  ARIADNE was presented at a session on International Projects, which also saw presentations on a new research centre in Catalonia,  on the Corpus Signorum and on the Tabula Imperii Romani (a project that seems to have no digital aims whatsoever).  The ARIADNE presentation, based on Franco Niccolucci’s PowerPoint, was well attended; we found it useful to comment on the English slides in Italian so that both language families were covered – this technique could work well elsewhere.  There was some discussion afterwards, and several people came up afterwards and asked to learn more about the project.

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