ARIADNE Funds Training for DAI Archaeologist

Felix Schäfer from the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Berlin,  spent two weeks with ARIADNE partner ADS, York, learning about their workflows and documentation processes and  collections management system which enabled him to prepare a case study as part of a Good Practice Guide. His training was funded by ARIADNE and the IANUS project.

Felix explains what his training involved on the ADS blog “Sound bytes from the ADS” - Felix Schäfer from IANUS visits ADS.

Pergamon sarcophagus

Uncovering of the sarcophagus int the chamber tomb at Pergamon (photo F. Pirson ©Pergamon archive DAI)

His case study, “Selection and Retention of Files in Big Data Collections: The Example of the Pergamon Excavation of the DAI, Istanbul” is based upon the Pergamon excavation records held by DAI, Berlin. Felix used his newly acquired knowledge and applied it to one of the datasets.  

 Felix gained much valuable experience during his placement at ADS which he will be implementing in his work at DAI.

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