Z-generation – creating digital elevation


3D terrain modelling workshop on “Z-generation – creating digital elevation” taking place at the University of Bern.

The workshop focuses on 3-D terrain modelling and aims at disseminating best practice approaches for processing, validation and analysis of state-of-the art terrain modelling techniques. Furthermore, the differences between freely available data and self-made terrain models shall be evaluated to enhance the understanding and tailoring of such data to answer specific research questions. The workshop will be structured around theoretical expert presentationshands-on exercises as well as field experiments. Thematically, the scope ranges from simple downloads of existing data over the use of GPS points and orthophotos to generate a DEM up to the use of complex terrestrial and airborne radar applications.

For further details on the workshop programme, training, venue & accommodation please access the workshop website at www.zgeneration.unibe.ch.

Fees are 40 CHF (regular) and 20 CHF (for all students and for University of Bern members).

 The number of participants is limited!

 Susanne Rutishauser, on behalf of the organizing committee                

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