Fostering the Transatlantic Dialogue on Digital Heritage

Fostering the Transatlantic Dialogue on Digital Heritage and EU Research Infrastructures: Partners in the USA and in Italy

Fostering the Transatlantic Dialogue on Digital Heritage and EU Research Infrastructures: Initiatives and Solutions in the USA and in Italy.

Library of Congress James Madison Memorial Building, Washington, DC.  Live webcast also available.

The conference will present the current landscape of EU research infrastructures in Heritage Science, centering on the beginning of the Horizon2020 framework programme; with a special focus on research infrastructures for digital heritage. Challenges and successes associated with the development and use of digital materials in the humanities and heritage science will be presented and discussed. In addition successful tools and methodologies will be demonstrated, in the context of transatlantic case studies.


Ana Arana Antelo, Head of Unit B4 - Research Infrastructures, European Commission Directorate-General for Research and Innovation
 "The European Landscape of Research Infrastructures for the Humanities"

Costis Dallas, Co-Chair, Understanding Scholarly Practices Working Group, Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities-European Research Infrastructure Consortium (DARIAH-ERIC)
 "A new ERIC for researchers in the Humanities"

Luca Pezzati, National Coordinator for Italy, Integrated Project for the European Research Infrastructure ON Cultural Heritage (IperiON
 "Heritage Science: towards an EU research infrastructure for conservation and restoration"

Franco Niccolucci, Project Coordinator, The ARIADNE (Advanced Research Infrastructure for Archaeological Data Networking in Europe) Project
 "A Digital Infrastructure for Archaeology"

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