ARIADNE Report on Data Sharing Policies Published

ARIADNE has released a report on Data Sharing Policies in the research infrastructure. 

The report includes a description of the context of the move towards open access for research publications and data, thinking amongst the archaeological research community on data sharing and the circumstances where access needs to be limited, an analysis of data sharing policies in place for the datasets which ARIADNE partners will provide for integration to the infrastructure and a discussion of the issues identified concluding with recommendations for the infrastructure.

 The aim of the report is to help establish best practices in the management of rights and data access amongst the partners and the wider archaeological community.  It considers the whole data sharing chain from researchers depositing their data with an archive, to integration with the ARIADNE infrastructure and sharing with the wider community.  Both data deposit licences and access policies for content (databases, images, texts, etc.) and resource discovery metadata are examined in detail. 

 The survey of datasets being provided by partners to the ARIADNE infrastructure confirmed that the Creative Commons licence suite is the most widely used by the partners.  The report includes a discussion of the potential impact of the main licence conditions (Attribution, Share-Alike, No Derivatives and Non-Commercial) on data sharing in ARIADNE amongst other issues.

 Finally, the report makes some recommendations for ARIADNE to include in its data sharing policy.  These include:

  •  Adopting a common method of data citation as a means of ensuring academic recognition for researchers sharing their datasets;
  • Investigating a way of allocating DOIs (or the equivalent) for datasets as a way of underpinning data sharing and data citation; 
  • Using version 4.0 of the Creative Commons licence suite; 
  • Providing a collection description for each collection ingested to the ARIADNE licensed under a CC BY licence;
  • Providing item level metadata records under a CC0 (public domain) licence to enable integration of multiple datasets, resource discovery and linked open data;
  • Licensing content (databases, images, texts, etc.) using the CC licence suite under the licence form agreed with the researcher on deposit;
  • The CC BY licence is recommended for open access.

 Click here to download the report.

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