ARIADNE Transnational Access – 2014 call for proposals is now open!

As part of its Transnational Access (TNA) activities, the ARIADNE project is offering researchers the opportunity to apply to participate in summer schools to carry forwards their own research.   Researchers are invited to apply to participate in Summer Schools hosted by PIN and Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche. 

The 2014 call for TNA access is now open and ARIADNE welcomes applications from individuals with a scientific interest and ability to benefit from training in archaeological research data management.  Full details of the summer schools and the application proceedure are available:

2014 summer schools:

26-30 May 2014: Mapping existing datasets to CIDOC-CRM Organizer: PIN; Venue: Prato

23-27 June 2014: 2D/3D documentation for archaeology Organizer: ISTI-CNR; Venue: Pisa

14-18 July: Design of archaeological datasets Organizer: ISTI-CNR; Venue: Pisa

The fee for students at the Summer Schools is 500 euros. Sponsorship is available for participation - the ARIADNE TNA sponsorships include a tuition fee waiver for the Summer Schools plus a bursary worth up to 800 euros per participant, to cover the cost of travel and accommodation. These will be awarded on a competitive basis, according to the selection procedure described on our website.

A maximum of 20 participants is planned for each summer school with 5-10 TNA students receiving funding from ARIADNE for each course.

How to apply

Researchers should complete the application form and return it to ARIADNE by email before 28/02/2014.  Application forms should describe the researcher’s background in archaeology, the proposed project and its expected results, and the justification of need for sponsorship for the specific access visit or Summer school, highlighting the impact to archaeological research.

Selection process and evaluation criteria

Applications will then be sent to the User Selection Panel and assigned to experts for their evaluation.  The Selection Panel will make recommendations to the ARIADNE Coordinator who will notify applicants of the results of the evaluation by 8th April 2014.

Selection and sponsorship awards will be primarily based on the quality of the applicant, the scientific merit of the case study or individual research project proposed and the potential of the applicant to benefit from the training on offer.  Applications should aim to increase research output (qualitatively and quantitatively), optimize the use of the ARIADNE infrastructure, develop local expertise and ongoing research activities and facilities, and foster lasting international cooperation.  Case studies should have focussed goals that are technically feasible within the framework of the access visit or summer school and the host facility.

Priority will be given to:

  • users who have not previously used the ARIADNE resources,
  • young researchers
  • researchers working in countries where no such research facilities exist,

The project will provide equal opportunities with regards to Transnational Access to the research infrastructure and to participation in Summer Schools and access visits.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for sponsorship, researchers must work or be registered as a student in an institution in one of the EU Member States and Associated States and meet the eligibility criteria published online in the full call text:

Key dates

28th February 2014 – deadline for applications for TNA access

8th April 2014 – Selection panel decisions confirmed to applicants

26-30 May 2014 – CIDOC CRM summer school, Prato

23-27 June 2014 – 2D/3D documentation summer school, Pisa

14-18 July 2014 – Design of archaeological datasets summer school, Pisa.

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